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The Distribution Cabinet Is Also Called The Distribution Box

Distribution cabinets using large-screen LCD touch screen, voltage, current, frequency, useful power, useless power, power, harmonics and other power quality to do a full range of monitoring. The user to the computer room distribution system operation condition is clear, in order to discover the security hidden trouble early, avoids the risk early.

In addition, the user can choose ATS, EPO, lightning protection, isolation transformers, UPS maintenance switches, mains output shunt and other functions to ensure the safety and stability of the power room distribution system.

The function of the power distribution cabinet is to distribute power to the various load parts, and to protect the power when the circuit is short, Distribution Cabinet overload and leakage. The common types of distribution cabinets are fixed panel type distribution cabinets, protective type distribution cabinets, Distribution Cabinet drawer-type distribution cabinets and power lighting distribution cabinets.

The distribution cabinet, also known as the Power Distribution box, is a cabinet that integrates electrical components for power distribution. Power distribution cabinets have two main functions: first, the power equipment for distribution and control, the second is in the circuit overload, Distribution Cabinet short-circuit and leakage, to provide power failure protection.

Because of its good function, the distribution cabinet is widely used in the distribution control of residential buildings, schools and hospitals. One might ask, why do we usually not see the distribution cabinet? Shandong Jinan Long March high-low voltage distribution cabinet tells us, the distribution cabinet is very small, most of it is concealed in the wall, so in daily life very few can see the distribution cabinet. Distribution Cabinet Power distribution cabinets, such as lighting distribution boxes and power distribution boxes, are often seen in corporate buildings and workshops. In general, distribution cabinets are mainly divided into one-level, two-level and low-grade three-level distribution equipment.

Distribution box structure is complex, output circuit capacity is also relatively large, it is the Power distribution center, will be installed in the substation, Distribution Cabinet responsible for the power distribution to the two-level distribution cabinet.

Distribution cabinets are divided into power distribution cabinets and motor control centers, the application of the two opposite, power distribution cabinets are mainly used in the circuit less, load scattered parts, and motor control center used in the loop, load concentration of the site. Distribution Cabinet It is mainly to undertake the distribution of power distribution cabinets, and distribution to the nearest load.

Distribution cabinets are mainly lighting distribution cabinets and power distribution cabinets, their capacity is relatively small, Distribution Cabinet layout is also more decentralized, mainly responsible for the control of the lowest level of load distribution.