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Technical Characteristics Of Optical Fiber Junction Box

Fiber optic junction box is used in the communications industry, to be able to receive pigtail and protect their joints of an ancillary facility. Do not know whether you have noticed, in the outdoor network cabling often use the optical cable, but the indoor use is twisted, the two are not directly connected, Fiber Optical Joint Box then we need to use the fiber optic connection box to the cable branch and continue to the interior line.

In other words, the optical fiber connection box is equivalent to a joint, played the role of connecting the cable and pigtail. First, the end of the optical cable is connected to the terminal box and light jumper, in the role of the switch, the entire optical cable is divided into a single fiber, respectively, the fiber and fiber, between fiber and tail fiber fusion. After successfully installing the optical fiber connection box, Fiber Optical Joint Box the fiber and pigtail can not only be protected and connected, but also can reduce the interference of the environment to the data transmission, so as to have higher data transmission efficiency.

So how is the fiber connection box installed? First of all, the fiber optic junction box is generally used indoors, such as in outdoor use should do some protective measures to prevent wind and rain, exposure to shorten the terminal box service life. Second, the fiber-optic junction box is suitable to work at temperatures of Sparido to 40 degrees Celsius, and if this range is exceeded, Fiber Optical Joint Box the operating state of the terminal box may be affected. Second, the system and the service life of the general in 20 years or so, in order to ensure its service life, the preservation of the terminal box environment in the temperature, humidity, Fiber Optical Joint Box air pressure and other aspects have a certain demand: such as storage temperature is best kept between 45°c to 55 degrees Celsius, the pressure maintained between 70 to 106,000, Moderation should also be controlled under 85%.

In terms of installation, you should pay attention to the installation location of the fiber optic junction box and choose the appropriate installation method. Generally speaking, the installation position of the terminal box should be 0.3 meters above ground (or movable floor), in order to leave enough space to install the bottom box, adapter, external outlet power and other components. In the fixed terminal box, according to the specific conditions of the construction site, the use of expandable screws, nails and other tools and methods. Fiber Optical Joint Box If you need to install the device on the ground, should pay attention to the junction box waterproof and dustproof function, and strengthen its resistance to pressure, earthquake resistance.

Today's world is the information-based world, each of us lives in the big data age. The optical fiber junction box is one of the indispensable carriers in the process of information transmission, Fiber Optical Joint Box and it is obviously the mainstay of the information communication and data transmission industry in the current era. The application of optical fiber junction box in many fields, such as fax, local telephone and network, also proves to us that its existence value and practical utility step by step.

The function of fiber optic junction box

Product Features:

· Shell using electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance, easy to use.

· Internal distribution cable Fixed device, fuse, over the line ring.

· The melt adopts the superposition type structure, the configuration is nimble, the maximum capacity can reach 96 cores, the use band cable can reach 144 cores.

· It has the function of insulating the metal component of the optical cable and the terminal box shell and can easily lead the grounding.

· can provide adequate optical cable terminals and remaining fiber storage space.

· Can be customized according to user needs special specifications.

· Atmospheric pressure 70kpa~106kpa

Technical Features:

· Insulation Resistance: Cable Terminal box metal component and cable metal reinforced core, Fiber Optical Joint Box optical cable between metal components, cable metal components and ground between the insulation resistance is greater than 20000mω (test voltage of 500VDC).

· Anti-electric strength: optical fiber cable terminal box metal component and cable metal reinforced core, optical fiber optic cable between metal components and ground between the 15KV DC voltage, Fiber Optical Joint Box 1min does not penetrate, no flying arc phenomenon.

· Optical cable, optical fiber storage radius is greater than 45mm.

· Service life: 20.

Fiber Optic Connection Box functional requirements

1. With the introduction of optical cables, wiring tail fiber to draw and secure and protect the fiber optic cable, wiring tail fiber and the performance of the fiber in which the function is not damaged.

2. Has the function which makes the optical cable terminal to be free from the environment influence.

3. It has the function of insulating the metal components of the optical cable and the terminal box shell of the optical cable and can easily lead the grounding.

4. The provision of optical cable terminals and residual optical storage space, Fiber Optical Joint Box and to facilitate the installation operation.

5. The box physical strength is sufficient to resist the impact intensity fixed, Fiber Optical Joint Box and has the different use occasion the corresponding installment function.

6. If necessary, should have the optical cable divergence function, functional requirements.