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Junction Box Improves Product Safety And Reliability

The General junction box consists of a box cover, a box body, a terminal, a diode, a connecting wire and a connector. The shell should have a strong anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet ability, in line with the outdoor harsh environmental conditions of the use of requirements, the connection method is convenient and firm; Junction Box must have waterproof seal design, scientific protection against electric shock insulation, industrial chassis junction box has the following features such as safety characteristics:

Moisture-proof, waterproof, protective grade ip68 small size, lightweight and corrosion-resistant insulation good service life long installation simple.

The thin-walled sheet metal structure of the junction box, the welding site is reduced, the seal adopts the stop-mouth coordination and the extruding structure, Junction Box the wiring terminal arrangement is reasonable, the electrical gap and the creepage distance are big, satisfies the voltage range is wide; the circular mounting fixed can make use of all the motor structural type, the junction box has the good performance, Junction Box the series versatility, the High protection grade, beautiful appearance, light weight, low cost, complete electrical safety measures and other features, can improve the overall quality of motor products, improve product safety and reliability.

Waterproof principle is as follows:

The connection box upper cover adopts the thread pressing way, the installment is simple.

The inner gland is sealed by direct pressing to prevent the sealing rubber ring from being squeezed and deformed.

Sealing aprons using high-quality silicone materials, Junction Box the surface of the use of double curved design, pressure can form the upper and lower two vacuum chamber, forming a vacuum isolation.

The inlet port is equipped with high quality waterproof joint to ensure moisture and water cannot enter.

The test of the junction box waterproof test reached 0.4MPa, Junction Box 72 hours after the suppression of no leakage, deformation, etc., after a long time in the table well installed inspection, perfect to achieve the design expectations.

Junction Box Product Features:

1. Cast aluminum shell, surface spraying, beautiful appearance. Explosion-proof anti-corrosion series material for glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin molded shell. Junction Box or stainless steel welding molding.

2. Open the lid, just loosen the bolts 1/3, then the lid clockwise rotation 10° can be opened, the bolt will not be lost, and quickly open the effect.

3. There are many ways and specifications in the inlet outlet.

4. The inlet outlet thread can be made specially.

5. Pipe or cable wiring.

Conversion and replacement of junction boxes may be very confusing for some friends. Because of the explosion-proof motor junction box installation eye from the national not a unified regulation, Junction Box so that the purchase of explosion-proof motor junction box can not be installed on their own explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof motor junction box need to pay attention to the following three points:

The appearance of the junction box is round, square, triangular.

The bottom diameter of the junction box is much larger, it is the installation terminal type, Junction Box or the wiring disc type.

Junction box The most important thing is the bottom of the 4 installation eye distance, please do not necessarily, as long as this is the basic all can be matched.