Powder Painting Metal Electronic Enclosure Wall Mounting Metal Enclosures

Product Details


Material:Good quality Metal Sheet 
Perfect Design: Door and body with RAL 7032 color, and Mounting plate with orange RAL 200.

The Process :Cutting---Punching&Pushing---Bending----Welding---Polishimg---Washing---Painting

Treatment: Door and Body with RAL7032 color,and Mounting plate with  orange RAL200.

Perface Design, Durable,Good-looking,Rich Assortment.

Specifications: CRN,JFF1.JFF2,JFX series

Design: As per Clients' requirement.

Details of the advantages:

Sealed rubber pad: to prevent water and dust from entering

Load hinge: easy to install, change the door is also easy

Rainforest: prevent rain from entering

Wall pendant: the box can be easily fixed on the wall

Install the mounting: easy to install


  • made up of electrolyzed cild-rolled stell sheet,

  • suitable for housing a DIN rail,circuit board or mounting plate.

  • Optional conductive gasket for RFI/EMC protection.

  • The surface plated with epoxy resin coatingis beautiful and durable.

  • rubber gasket on the door in order to protect from the dust and rainwater.

  • On the upside and downside of the box body,there is equipped with knockout holes seamed with cover.

  • Inside of the box,there is mounted motherboard with equipment.

  • The motion of the door is more than 120 degree and is flexible turn.

Accessories include:

wall mounting kit, hinges, mounting plate and security screws.