Copper Sheet Copper Plate

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Copper alloyMaterialTemperDimensions(mm)The main properties
Hot RolledHot rolled4~8600~20004000 max.High Conductivity.
When thickness: 4~14mm,
Rm (min.):195Mpa, A11.3(min.):30%
8~60600~30006000 max.
60~150600~25004000 max.Don’t provide properties.
Cold RolledSoft,H/4,H/2,
Extra Hard.
0.3~0.5600 max.2000 max.Soft:Rm(min.):205Mpa  A11.3(min.):30%.
H/4: Rm: 215~275Mpa A11.3(min.):25%.
H/2: Rm:245~345Mpa A11.3(min.):8%.
Hard: Rm: 295~380Mpa.
Extra Hard: Rm (min.):350Mpa
0.5~3.01000 max.2500 max.
3.0~123000 max.6000 max.
4~2050~6506000 max.

Oxygen free plates for

Copper Stave in blast furnace.

Hot Rolled75~150770~15901400~3600

High Conductivity.



Zero oxygen free copper TU0 C1011 - C10100 C110
No. 1 oxygen-free copper TU1 C1020 OF - Cu C10200 C103
No.2 oxygen-free copper TU2 C1020 OF - Cu C10200 C103

No. 1 copper T1 C1020 OF - Cu C10200 C103
No.2 coppe r T2 C1100 SE - Cu C11000 C101
No. 3 T3 copper C1221

No.1 phosphorized copper TP1 C1201 SW - Cu C12000 
No.2 phosphorized copper TP2 C1220 SF - Cu C12000

Mechanical properties:
Tensile strength: 315 or higher
Elongation: 30 or more
Note: other than lock and clock with plate plate tensile mechanical properties at room temperature
Sample size: diameter > 2.0 ~ 4.0

Low heat treatment specification: hot working temperature of 650 ~ 850 ℃.Annealing temperature is 600 ~ 700 ℃;Eliminate the internal stress of low temperature annealing temperature is 270 ~ 300 ℃.

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